John Joseph Reardon

1922 - 1944

ID : 17110566
In service from : Minnesota
Rank : Staff Sergeant

Division : U.S. Army Air Force
615th Bomber Squadron, 401st Bomber Group, Heavy

Died : Thursday 2 Nov. 1944

Location : Henri Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium
Wall of mising

Medals : Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters

John Reardon was born Aug. 18, 1922 in a town called Johnson , Big Stone County.
Johnson is a very small town in western Minnesota.

His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Tom Reardon, Irish Catholic.
His father Tom had the Grain Elevator in Johnson, MN.

John had 2 older sisters , Constance (Connie)and Catherine (Babs) Reardon
He also had a younger brother , Richard (Dick) Reardon.

John was a very handsome man, according to his neighbors , Maxime and Ervy Nelson.
They all went to school together, 8 grades, in Johnson and to the High School in Graceville, MN.

On the picture , John is on the left and Richard is on the right with a friend in the middle

This picture was taken in the fall of 1941 in the Graceville MN Park, on a Sunday afternoon.

Just before he went into the Service.

This picture is from 1936 , John was 14 years old and was in the 8th grade , Johnson MN school.
On your left you see Leora Rehnke ( Marquardt then ) and on the right you see " Johnie " Reardon.

Johnson flyer is reported missing in action over Germany since Nov. 2nd

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