Allen Doyle Brown

T/Sgt    38294097    612th
1921 - 1944

Engr / Top Turret aboard 42-31511 (Fool's Luck III)

Ardennes cemetery, Belgium.
Wall of missing
1921 - 1943

     Allen was born 1921, Crook, Drew, Arkansas.
     In Oct 21, 1942 he enlisted to the air corps.

     In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His 25th mission, Apr 10, 1944, Target: Brussels, belgium, the plane went down in the English Channel.
     6 crewmembers got in to their dingy but drifted all the way back to France within four and one-half hours.

     Allen was killed during the flak attack and went down with the plane.
     He was awarded with 3 Air Medals and 2 Purple Heart Medals

     In 1944, when Allen died on the age of 22 he left behind his family :

         His father, Edward E Brown, age 55
         His mother, Flora M Brown, age 40
         His brother, Edward B Brown, age 19
         His sister, Lilly V Brown, age 14
         His brother, Robert G Brown, age --

Mission to Brussels, Belgium, after being hit by flak, the plane went down in the English Channel
but the wind blew them back to the French coast, where the crew were taken prisoner.

     Allen died after being mortally wounded from a shell on his 25th mission.
     The plane was ditched in the English Channel 5 miles of the coast of France.

     Allen went down with the plane.

     The surviving crew included the plane's captain, Gaston Fox, were picked up by a German U-boat
     and taken prisoner.

     Allan was the crew member that prayed for the crew and that they looked to him for prayer.

     Allen's brother, Edward brown, died later that year, during Operation Market Garden, Sept 18, 1944.

                                                                                 Edward and Flora Mae Brown with children (l-r)
                                        Edward Buford, Allan Doyle, Lilly Vernette, and baby Robert Gordon.

     Robert Gordon was born in a tent as Edward was still building the family's new home after moving to
     Drew County from Bradley County.

Back Row: ( L to R ) Gerald Blaise, - Leonard Mendelson, - Gaston Fox, - Darrell Wilson.
Front Row: Jerome Sabel, - Duane brandt, - Charles Sierra, - ALLEN BROWN, - Cecil Estes, - Joseph Gallas.

B-17G " Fool's Luck III "   42-31511    612th
10 April 1944   Mission # 48   Target: Brussels , Belgium

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