Joseph John Glonek

S/Sgt    32079529    615th
New Jersey
1921 - 1944

Radio Operator aboard 42-38012

     Joseph was born in Mar 7, 1921, Ewing, Mercer, New Jersey.
     He was employed by the Pierce-Roberts Company.

     In Aug 30, 1942 he enlisted to the air corps.

     He recieved basic training at Army Air Base, Nebraska and graguated as a radio operator
     In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His last mission, Jan 29, 1944, Target: Frankfurt, the plane was attacked by enemy fighters.
     On the return flight the plane was hit by a rocket of a ME 110 , German fighter.
     Unfortunately, although Joseph bailed out, he was killed

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when Joseph died on the age of 22 he left behind his family :

         His father, John Glonek, age 59
         His mother, Margaret Glonek, age 56
         His brother, Walter Glonek, age 28
         His brother, Frank Glonek, age 23
         His sister, Elizabeth Glonek, age 20

Mission to Frankfurt, germany, on the return flight the plane was hit by a rocket of a ME 110 , German fighter.

Individual casualty questionaire

Told by Donald Lamb , Ball Turret Gunner.

- Name of crew member : Glonek , John Joseph.
- Rank : S/Sgt.
- Serial number : 32079529
- Position : Radio Operator.

- Did he bail out ? : I don't THINK he bailed out.

- Last contact just prior to loss of plane ? : On interphone he called up and said " he was done for , he was hit ".
- Was he injured ? : Yes.

- Where was he last seen ? : Tail Gunner's position.

- Any hearsay information ? : Waist Gunners reported ( later ) he never fired a shot after interphone conversation.

- Any explanation of his fate ? :
             After aircraft was hit by a rocket I helped Glonek out of his flak suit and into his parachute and told
             him to bail out.
             Glonek insisted that I (Lamb ) bail out first and said he would follow. While falling through the air and
             about 7000 feet altitude I saw Glonek fall past me with the shroud lines of his parachute strechted out,
             completely but the canopy not opened.
             I didn't saw him again.

             Another crew member ( Woods ) told me that when he was captured by Germans they described two
             bodies which were found by them and believed to have been the Navigator on the flight and Glonek.
             The Germans told the crew member that the parachute attached to one body had opened completely
             but did not save the airman's life.
             This person was believed by the crew member who told this story to me , to be Glonek.

- Total number of missions of above crew member ? : 3

- Date and destinations if possible ? : Jan    5,  1944 Tours, France
                                                                     Jan  21, 1944 Notre Dame de Ferme
                                                                     Jan  29, 1944 Frankfurt on Main


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