Walter "Buck" Lee Brown Jr.

T/Sgt    16026852    614th
1917 - 1944

Radio Operator aboard 42-38162

Madingley cemetery, Camebridge, England.
Wall of missing
1917 - 1944

     Walter was born 1917.

     Walter is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brown and was married to Miss June Gladish.

     On Jul 19, 1940 he enlisted to the air corps.

     On Nov 15, 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG

     During a mission he was injured when he was shot in the hand, losing one or more fingers.
     He spent several months in hospital, returning to action on March 1st.

     His last mission, Apr 9, 1944, target: Marienburg , Germany, the Group was attacked by a number
     of FW 190's.
     The B-17 , piloted by Lt. William R. Dawes, had its nose blown off and was seen going into the Baltic sea

     There were no survivors of the crew, which was nearing the end of its tour.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     He has three brothers who are also in the service, Talmage, Kenneth and Gene.

     There was a letter that gave hope that Walter is prisoner of war.

     The letter from Major Carl C Hinkle Jr. commanding officer of the 401st BG was as follows :
     "It was with deepest regret that I learned that your husband, Walter, is missing in action.
     His work with this squadron has been excellent throughout, and on more than one mission has proven his
     courage and fighting ability.
     Men with such caliber can hardly be replaced.

     More than one crew on the same mission stated that the plane was under control at all times and it is
     believed that all men bailed out safely over occupied Europe.
     I feel certain that the most that can happen to Walter will be that he is taken prisoner of war.
     Let us hope that we will soon be able to beat the Germans and liberate him and many others like him.

     Chaplain Ward Fellows writes that they offered prayers for him at the base chapel.
     And if word should be that they did not survive, then remember that even the last enemy is conquered by
     Jesus Christ/
     Whatever the final word will be, may God strengthen you and give you grace to submit him to Him and
     believe in His promises in Christ Jesus.

Marienburg, located in East Prussia, was the most distant target yet bombed by the 401st.
Enroute back from the target, while over the Baltic Sea, the Group was attacked by a number of FW 190's.
AC was seen going into the sea.

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