Frederick Brownell Robinson

2nd Lt    0-684556    614th
1923 - 1943

Co Pilot onboard 42-31098 (Penny's Thunderhead)


                                                                                                     Margraten cemetery, Netherlands
                                                                                                     Plot : F , Row : 11 , Grave : 26.

      Frederick was born in 1923, Austin, Texas.
      He was a freshmen at the University of Texas in 1942, but on March 30, 1942 he enlisted to the aircorps.
      In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG and he flew 2 missions
      The last mission on 11 December 1943, Target: Emden, the plane was hit by flak and Frederick and 7 more
      crew members had to bail out over Holland
      Unfortunately I believe , he fell in the water and did not reached the shore...
      He was awarded with a Purple Heart Medal

Casualty questionaire

Told by 2nd Lt. John Barret , Navigator.

- Name of crew member : Robinson , Frederick Brownell
- Rank : 2nd Lt.
- Serial number : 0-684556
- Position : Co-pilot.

- Did he bail out ? : Yes.

- Where ? : North Sea.

- Last contact just prior to loss of plane ? : None.

- Was he injured ? : No knowledge.

- Where was he last seen ? : Going out Bomb bay by Sgt. Carlson.

- Any heresay information ? : Carlson told me when they were ready to jump , all they could see was water.

- Source : Sgt. Carlson - Radio man.

- Any explanation of his fate ? : If never heard of I assume he drowned.

- Total number of missions of above crew member ? : 2.

- Date and destinations if possible ? : Dec 1,     1943 Solingen
                                                                     Dec 11,   1943 Emden

Captain Kaufman's first crew.

Back Row: L-R Capt. Kaufman , Lt. FREDERICK BROWNELL ROBINSON , Lt. R. C. Fitzgerald , Lt. J. A. Barrett
Front Row: Sgt. F. R. Cope , Sgt. H. A. Shaw , Sgt. D. H. Carlson , Sgt. T. R. Nielson , Sgt. H. L. Bangfrede , Sgt.E. W. Masterman

Photo Courtesy of Rick Kaufman.

A letter from Dutch police about the finding of the body of Frederick.

Someone found his body on the beach of Oosterbierum, the province of Groningen, Netherlands
He was found on March 8th, 3 months after he jumped the plane.

He was given a desent burial at the cemetery of Pietersbierum, on March 10 at 17:00 grave no 5, row 29.

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