William John Williams

Sgt    6711069    613th
New York
1915 - 1944

Left Waist Gunner aboard 42-31593 (Carrie B)


Maple Grove Cemetery, Gainesville
Wyoming County, New York, Plot: 3.6.11

     William was born Nov 1, 1915, in Keeseville, Essex County, New York.

     He enlisted to the Army on Aug 11, 1942.

     In 1944 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His last mission, Apr 20, 1944, Target: Bois Coquerel, France, no 3
     engine was hit by flak.
     About 3 or 4 minutes later A/C pulled up vertically , went into a
     dive to about 12,000 Feet and then exploded.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when William died on the age of 28 he left behind his family :

         His father, Alfred Williams, age 49
         His mother, Margaret J Richard, age 50

         His wife, Dora LaVina Williams, age 28
         His son, John Roth Williams Sr, age 7

Mission to Bois Coquerel, France, # 3 engine hit by flak,went into dive and exploded.
Crashed near Pont-Remy, France

     William was born Nov 1, 1915, in Keeseville, Essex County, New York.
     He graduated in Jun 1933 from Mont Pleasant High School NY.

                         He enlisted the US Army on his 18th birthday,
                         Nov 1, 1933 at Albany, NY.

     Jun 5, 1935 he married to Dora LaVina McMaster.
     A son, John Roth Williams, was born on Aug 17, 1936 in Plattsburg NY.

     That same month they moved to Schenectady, New York and eventualy reside at 1029 Stanley St,
     Schenectady NY.
     House owned by William T and Nellie Williams, his grandparents.

     On Aug 22, 1936, 5 days after the birth of John, William got Honorable Discharge from the US Army
     26th Infantry.


                         William started working as a Machinist at General
                         Electric Co.

                         But in Aug 1942 he enlisted to the US Army Air Force.

                         Feb 1, 1944 he wrote his Last Will and Testament at US
                         Army Air Base Sioux City IA.

                         He received his silver wings at Harlingen, Texas, and
                         was sent to england in march 1944.

                         Apr 20, 1944 he was killed during a mission to Bois Coquerol France.


               William was the son of Alfred and Margaret Williams
               Grandson of William Thomas and Nellie (Jones) Williams.
               Husband of Dora Lavina McMaster, who later married Elliot F. Worthington.
               And father of John Roth Williams.


     This is William's father:

     Alfred Lawrence Williams 1895 - 1958

     Mr. Williams was born Jul 22, 1895, in Edwardsdale, Luzerne, PA.
     Jul 9, 1914 he married to Margaret J Richard from Saint Lawrence, NY.
     They moved to Schenectady, NY on Jun 5, 1917.
     He was also a Lt in the Militairy in 1917.

     He was working at USA Binder-General Electric Company.
     After a divorce from Margaret he moved to Chelsea. Suffolk, MA.
     And worked at the Johns Mansville Company at Hartford CT.
     In Jun 1958 he deid at the age of 62.


         Lieutenant Alfred Williams, 1917             503 Union Street Schenectady NY 12305 in the city's Little Italy section was the home of
                                                            Alfred and Margaret and their young son William J Williams in 1917.

     This is William's mother:

     Margaret J Richard 1894 - 1975

     Mrs. Williams was born Oct 28, 1894, in Ogdensburg, Saint Lawrence, NY.

     Margaret Richard Williams was born to French Canadian parents living
     in uppermost New York State along the Quebec border in 1895.
     Jul 9, 1914 she married to Alfred L. Williams from Edwardsdale, PA.
     They moved to Schenectady, NY on Jun 5, 1917.
     After a divorce from Alfred and custody battle over William in 1920,
     Margaret married Fred Keeton and by 1944 was living in Ayer MA.
     The couple moved to Indianapolis later in life where they stayed until
     each passed away. Margaret deid Aug 12, 1975

     This is William's wife:

     Dora LaVina McMaster 1915 - 1975

     Dora was born Aug 26, 1915, in Schenectady, NY.

     She married to William on Jun 5, 1935.
     A son, John Roth Williams, was born on Aug 17, 1936.

     After the message came that William was killed in action she moved
     to Rotterdam, NY.
     In Jul 1956 she married to Elliot F. Worthington.
     She past away on Jul 21, 1975 and is buried at North bennington, VT.


404 Victory Avenue Schenectady NY 12307 was the home of Sgt William, his wife Dora and their young son John.
It was at this residence, that Dora received word that William had been killed in action over France on April 20, 1944.
They continued to live here, until she purchased a home in Rotterdam, NY in 1947

     This is William's Son:

     John Roth Williams Sr 1936 - 2005

     John was born Aug 17, 1936, in Plattsburgh, Clinton, NY.
     His best freind was his dog, a St Bernard called "Duke".
     Rothie was always "tooling" down Victory Ave in a cart harnessed to
     Duke would go off the curb and gently nudge Little Rothie back
     towards the house if he got too close to the street!
     1947, He was badly injured when he ran in front of a moving machine.
     Which resulted in the amputation of his left leg below the knee.

     On Apr 7, 1956 he was married.
     In his life he had a couple of jobs, he worked at a laundry shop, and at
     John Hancock Mutual Life ins.Co.
     In the 80's he worked at Fonda Speedway and for the USA ins. Industry.
     On may 14, 2005 he passed away on the age of 68.


1) John gets a face washin' from his pal on the front steps of his Grandparents William and Nellie Williams home at 417 Duane Avenue.
2) About 1943 , Schenectady NY 12307.
3) John Roth Williams (age 11) recovering from his injury, which resulted in the amputation of his left leg below the knee.

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