John Spiotti

Sgt    32809252    612th
New York
1924 - 1944

Ball Turret Gunner aboard 42-39943 (Lassie Come Home)

St. Lawrence Cemetery, Brewster, NY, USA
( Many thanks to Debby, read her amazing story at the end of this page !! )

     John was born May 15, 1924, Carmel, Putnam, New York.
     On Feb 18, 1943 he enlisted to the Air Corps.

     In 1944 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG.
     His last mission, May 7, 1944, Target: Berlin, the plane was hit by fighters.
     A/C dropped down and back from its position, No 2 engine feathered and crashed east of Celle, Germany.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal.

     In 1944, when John died on the age of 19 he left behind his family :

         His father, Michael Spiotti, age 59
         His mother, Francis D Spiotti, + March 1942
         His brother, Clarence Spiotti, age 35
         His brother, Eugene Spiotti, age 34
         His brother, Dominick Spiotti, age 24
         His sister, Edith Spiotti, age 23
         His sister, Mary Spiotti

Mission to Berlin, germany, Crashed near Langlingen, Germany


     An amazing story about Debby who, after searhing for 2 days, found the grave marker.

     Andy, I went over to the cemetery again, for alittle while, yesterday.

     The information on your website about this young boy has been on my mind all week.
     I can't get over him being a tail gunner, with no chute, in a plane over Germany at 19 years of age.
     I also have not been able to find a young uncle (age 25) who lived through the war but died soon after
     in an auto accident.

     I walked around for about an hour and finally found my uncle Francis Green.
     I was on my hands and knees, pulling away the grass and dirt to see the dates, something made me look
     to the right and there, one row back, was John Spiotti.

     Almost like he called out to me. " Hey..Hey..I'm over here. I'm over here".

     The stone tilts alittle and it looks so lonely. It doesn't look like anyone has been near it for years.
     I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to adopt this young boy here in the States.
     I will get the groundskeeper or my son to upright the stone alittle and I'll clean it up, plant a few flowers.
     Then get the local Veterans Organization to flag it or do it myself for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.
     I take my Mother around to several cemeteries at this time to flower our late relatives.
     What's one more? No bother.

     Thank you vey much Debby.

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