Charles ( Bob ) Robert Schmader

Sgt    33409014    615th
1921 - 1944

Right Waist Gunner onboard 42-39893

     Charles was born Dec 28, 1921, at North Pine Grove, Clarion, pennsylvania.

     Following his graduation from Farmington High school in 1940, he took an 8 week course at the American
     Aircraft School of Chicago, Ill., after which he was employed by Bell Aircraft of Buffalo, remainin in the
     employ of that firm until his induction on January 11, 1943.

     "Bob", as he was known to his friends, trained at Miami Beach, Lowry Field, Colo., Buckley Field, Colo.
     and Harlingen Field, Tex.

     He received his wings at Harlingen and then took advanced training at Redmond, Ore.; Ephrata, Wash.;
     Grand Island, Neb.; and New York City.

     He landed in England on November 25, 1943 to join the 401st BG

     His third and final mission, Jan 11, 1944, Target: Oschersleben, the aircraft had a fire in No. 4 Engine.
     It went along for about 5 minutes with this fire and then opened bomb by doors.
     Then plane left formation and turned to right, It stayed with Wing formation for about 3 minutes.
     Then plane started coming apart. Parts came off it, Ship then exploded.
     He didn't survived this.

     He was awarded with a Purple Heart Medal
     In 1944, when Robert died on the age of 22 he left behind his family :

         His father, Elizabeth Schmader, age 44
         His brother, James F Schmader, age 19
         His mother, Paul E Schmader, age 17
         His mother, Joann Schmader, age 15
         His mother, betty J Schmader, age 14
         His mother, Thomas H Schmader, age 7

Mission to Oschersleben, germany, fire in No. 4 Engine, plane left formation and turned to right and exploded

Casualty questionaire

Told by 2nd Lt. Donald Charles Sprecher , Pilot.

- Name of crew member : Schmader , Charles Robert
- Rank : Sgt.
- Serial number : 33409014
- Position : Right Waist Gunner.

- Did he bail out ? : No.

- If not, why not ? : He was dead.

- Last contact just prior to loss of plane ? : Short after enemy attack started.

- Was he injured ? : Yes.

- Where was he last seen ? : In Radio Room.

- Any heresay information ? : He was badly hit. Other crewmembers carried him to radio room.
                                                      Sgt Vindhurst put his ( Schmader ) chute on him altho he was allready dead.

- Source ? : Sgt. Vindhurst.

- Any explanation of his fate ? : None other than he went down with ship.

- Total number of missions of above crew member ? : On his third.

- Date and destinations if possible ? : Dec 30, 1943    Ludwigshaven
                                                                     Dec 31, 1943   Cognac


     Sgt. Charles R Schmader, son of Mrs Elizabeth M Schmader of Leeper, who was reported missing in action
     in January 11, 1944, while on an bombing mission to Oscheraleben, Germany, has been declared
     dead by the war department, according to word received by his mother.

     The report of the arirman's death was substantiated in a letter to Mrs. Schmader from Mrs. Grace Vindhurst
     of Paradise, Calif., whose son, Ray, was a companion of waist gunner with Sgt. Schmader and who is now
     being held prisoner by the Germans.


     The remains of Sgt Schmader, son of Elizabeth Schmader and the late Charles Schmader who lost his life
     on an operational bombing mission to Obersleben, Germany, on Jan 11, 1944 will be re-interred in
     St. Mary's cemetery at Crown, on Jul 22.

     In a letter written to his mother two days before his death, Robert wrote that he had been on different
     missions over enemy territory and for her not to worry that he was OK.
     He also gave an account of a forced landing in England.

     The first word Mrs Schamder recieved was that he was missing in action over Germany, Robert was
     declared dead by the war department after one year.
     His body will arrive in Oil City thursday morning and will be taken to the Schmader home.

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