John William 'jack' O'Mara

S/Sgt    15063833    613th
1919 - 1944

Tail Gunner aboard 42-31467 (Sac Hound)


                                                                                                 Elmwood Cemetery
                                                                                                  Mount Vernon, Kentucky.

     John was born Nov 21, 1919, Mount Vernon, Rockcastle, Kentucky.

     In Oct 29, 1940 he enlisted to the air corps.

     In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His last mission, Mar 2, 1944 Target: Frankfurt, Aircraft was attacked by 6 or 7 fighters ( me 109's ).
     John did not survived this attack.
     The plane was forced down when the attack shot up tail badly.
     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when John died on the age of 24 he left behind his family :

         His father, Tom C. O'Mara, age 59
         His mother, Leila Mae O'Mara, age 50
         His brother, James L. O'Mara, age 30
         His sister, Eva O'Mara, age 25
         His brother, Robert M. O'Mara, age 19
         His sister, Patricia Rae O'Mara, age 4

Mission to Frankfurt, germany, Aircraft was attacked by 6 or 7 fighters ( me 109's ) which shot up tail badly.
Chrashed near St Gerard, Belgium.


2nd Lt William george Sheahan (pilot) showing the memorial stone in Saint Gerard Belgium.

     The Germans found three bodies in the plane.
     They identified that of Roger T. Leking but could't identify those of Hazard Justice and John O'Mara.

     All three were buried in the Community Cemetery of Gosselies (North of Charleroi)
     in graves #84 (Leking), #85 (Justice) and #86 (O'Mara).

     The bodies were subsequently removed to the U.S. Military Cemetery in Neuville-en-Condroz
     (South-West of Liege).

     John W. O'Mara were repatriated to the Elmwood Cemetery in Mount Vernon, Kentucky.


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