Olle Anders Norell

T/Sgt    36147173    614th
1909 - 1944

Engr / Top Turret aboard 42-38162

Madingley cemetery, Camebridge, England.
Wall of missing
1909 - 1944

     Olle was born Jan 22, 1909, in Kopparberg, Sweden.
     He was the son of Oscar Gottfrid Norell and Tora Lovisa Grundstrum.

     He came to the United States as a young man, in 1934, and settled at Chesterfield, Macomb, Michigan,
     where his mother's sister, Gerda Grundstrom Hallin, was living.

     He left Gothenburg on Apr 25, 1934 and arrived in New York on May 4 sailing with the M.S.Kungsholm.


     Gerda Hallin was a landscape architect and the owner of the Mount Clemens Nursery company,
     and Olle Norell apparently worked for his aunt as a nurseryman and landscape laborer.

     He enlisted in the United States Army on Apr 9, 1942 .

     In 1944 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG

     His last mission, Apr 9, 1944, target: Marienburg , Germany, the Group was attacked by a number
     of FW 190's.
     The B-17 , piloted by Lt. William R. Dawes, had its nose blown off and was seen going into the Baltic sea

     There were no survivors of the crew, which was nearing the end of its tour.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

Marienburg, located in East Prussia, was the most distant target yet bombed by the 401st.
Enroute back from the target, while over the Baltic Sea, the Group was attacked by a number of FW 190's.
AC was seen going into the sea.

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