Ralph D. Newton

S/Sgt    33274765    612th
New York
1916 - 1944

Right Waist Gunner onboard 42-31089 (Carolyne)


Arlington National cemetery                                                                           
Arlington, Virginia, USA                                                                           
Plot : Section 3                                                                           
1916 - 1944                                                                           

Madingley cemetery, Camebridge, England.
Wall of Missing
1916 - 1944

     Ralph was born Apr 22, 1916, Pennsylvania and later moved to Buffalo, Erie, New York.
     On Jul 22, 1943, he married Frances L. Bloss.
     A 24 year old Secretary from North East, Pa

     Ralph attendent militairy school in Great Falls, Montana
     On Aug 7, 1942 he enlisted to the aircorps.

     In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG

     On his last mission, Jan 4, 1944 Target: Kiel, No. 4 engine caught fire.
     Aircraft was turned and headed for England at 1100 hours.
     When the aircraft was sixty four (64) miles from the English Coast No. 3 engine went out of commission,
     the aircraft was steadily losing altitude so preparations were made for ditching.
     Aircraft hit the water at approximately 1245 hours.

     Ralph remained on top of the fuselage near the radio hatch.
     About that time a powerful wave knocked Ralph in the water and broke the right dinghy loose from the
     tail of the ship, ( waves were about twenty feet high.)
     Unfortunaly, Ralph was not seen again.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when Ralph died on the age of 27 he left behind his family :

         His father, William J Newton, age 55
         His mother, Esma Newton, age 53
         His brother, William Newton, age 25

Mission to Kiel, germany, but they had to return early and crashed in the North Sea

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