Kenneth Joseph Lynn

S/Sgt    12167944    615th
New York
1921 - 1944

Right Waist Gunner onboard 42-31193 (Little Boots)


                                                                                           Lorraine Cemetery, France.
                                                                                           Plot E , Row 8 , Grave 33

     Kenneth was born May 1, 1921, Jefferson, New York, Later moved to Greece, Monroe, New York.
     He attendent Barnard and Charlotte High School and was employed by Hubbs and Hastings
     In Sep 30, 1942 he enlisted to the aircorps.

     In August 1943 kenneth announced his engagement to Eleanor Ainsworth


     One day after his mariage, he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His seventh and last mission, Jan 29, 1944, Target: Frankfurt, the plane was damaged by flak.
     On the return flight the plane was hit by 12 German fighters

     Unfortunately, Kenneth was killed

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when Kenneth died on the age of 23 he left behind his family :

         His father, Edward Lynn, age 53
         His mother, Lema Lynn, age 48
         His sister, Elizabeth Lynn, age 19


Little Boots crew
Top Row, L-R: Robert W. Beers - Howard Elliot Byrne - Unknown - Unknown.
Front Row, L-R: Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Unknown - Clarence Edgar Young - Franklin M. Grigg

Mission to Frankfurt, germany, attacked by enemy aircrafts and blown up not much later.
Crashed near Worms, Germany

Individual casualty questionaire

Told by Capt. Robert Beers , Pilot.

- Name of crew member : Lynn , Kenneth Joseph.
- Rank : S/Sgt.
- Serial number : 12167944
- Position : Right Waist Gunner.

- Did he bail out ? : Believe so.

- Where ? : Worms, Germany

- Last contact just prior to loss of plane ? : He reported attack by fighter a few minutes before airplane
- Was he injured ? : Unknown.

- Where was he last seen ? : Prior to take-off.

- Any explanation of his fate ? : I examined body on ground which was found 50 feet from unopened
                                                         attachable chest tight parachute.
                                                         Features unrecognisable but body build and color of hair believed to be this
                                                         enlisted man.
                                                         Due to proximity of parachute opinion was that he may have jumped without
                                                         attaching parachute.
                                                         Possible he was blown out of exploding aircraft.

- Total number of missions of above crew member ? : 7

- Date and destinations if possible ? : Dec   1, 1943 Solingen
                                                                     Dec   5, 1943 Paris
                                                                     Dec 30, 1943 Ludwigshaven
                                                                     Dec 31, 1943 Cognac
                                                                     Jan  11, 1944 Oschersleben
                                                                     Jan  29, 1944 Frankfurt on Main

Little Boots ( Boots was the nickname of Capt Beers wife )


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