William Robert Jarrett

T/Sgt    35334215    613th
1921 - 1944

Engr / Top Turret aboard 42-31930


                                                                                                Ardennes cemetery, Belgium
                                                                                                 Plot : D , Row : 13 , Grave : 55.
                                                                                                1921 - 1944

     William was born Feb 24, 1921, Perkins, Erie, Ohio.
     A graduate of Sandusky High School, class of 1939.
     He was employed as a carpenter at the Scioto Ordnance Plant, marion Ohio

     He married Rose Ann Keller Jarrett.

     In Aug 18, 1942 he enlisted to the air corps.
     He recieved his wings in March 1943 at Fort Myers, Fla.
     In Nov 14, 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG

     His last mission, Febr 22, 1944, target Oschersleben, the plane was shot down by fighters and flak.
     All men bailed out and became POW`s except for William, his chute didn't open...

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when William died on the age of 22 he left behind his family :

         His father, James Jarret, age 73
         His mother, Blanche Jarret, age 53
         His sister, Eva B Jarret, age 26
         His brother, James Jarret, age 25
         His sister, Alberta E Jarret, age 24
         His brother, Henry Jarret, age 21
         His brother, Paul Jarret, age 18
         His brother, Max Jarret, age 16
         His brother, Joseph Jarret, age 14

Mission to Magdeburg, Germany, Plane peeled off just as Focke Wulf 190 attacked. Chrashed near Haaren, Germany


     Bravery seemed to be quite common placed in the 401st, and was very often only know to fellow crew
     members who took the knowledge to their graves.

     William saw his pilot release his chute inside the aircraft accidently and took his off and clipped it onto
     the pilot's harness.
     He went back to waist position and clipped on a spare chute which ironically failed to open,
     killing William...

Though William Jarrett was buried in the Neuville-en-Condroz United States Military Cemetery in Belgium,
this marker at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery honors him.


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