Frank Percy Daugherty Jr.

2nd Lt    0-753863    613th
1919 - 1944

Pilot aboard 42-31593 (Carrie B)

Normandy cemetery, France
Plot : D , Row : 18 , Grave : 42.

     Frank was born 1919 in Laredo, Texas.

     He was a graduate of Laredo High school in 1937.

     He completed his degree in petroleum engineering at Texas A and M College.

     The day after he received his degree, he volunteerd in the air corps.
     He attended Roswell Army Air Field where he is a student in the fourengine pilot transition school.
     He received his wings at Winston, California.

     In 1944 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His last mission, Apr 20, 1944, Target: Bois Coquerel, France, no 3 engine was hit by flak.
     About 3 or 4 minutes later A/C pulled up vertically , went into a dive to about 12,000 Feet and
     then exploded.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

Mission to Bois Coquerel, France, # 3 engine hit by flak,went into dive and exploded.
Crashed near Pont-Remy, France

          After the plane was hit by flak, no 3 and also no 4 engine were on fire.

          Frank went to the nose of the ship to warn his crew to bail out.
          But due to a lack of oxygen, Frank became unconscious.
          His co-pilot, William Maher, pushed Frank out of the plane and pulled his rip cord.

          Dennis beach, the navigator, found Frank on the ground, two hours later, but the Germans did
          not allowed him to get near him.
          According to the Germans, Frank was already dead..

          Frank was buried in the English military cemetery Abbeville / Somme on 24 Apr 1944,
          single grave number B 15.

          Later he was transferred to Normandy cemetery, France.

          His name is also on the Laredo WW II and Korean Conflict Memorial, Jarvis Plaza.




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