Warren Canter

S/Sgt    15116266    613th
1923 - 1944

Tail Gunner aboard 42-31508 (Command Performance)


Lucasville cementery, Ohio, USA

     Warren was born Nov 12, 1923, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio.
     He was a graduate of Portsmouth High School.

     In Jul 22, 1942 he enlisted to the air corps.

     In 1943 he arrived in England to join the 401st BG
     His last mission, Apr 13, 1944, Target: Schweinfurt, they were hit by single Me 190 which started
     bad fire in gas tanks.
     8 ( possibly 10 ) came out just before A/C went into dive and exploded.

     He was awarded with an Air Medal and a Purple Heart Medal

     In 1944, when Warren died on the age of 20 he left behind his family :

         His father, Alonzo Canter, age 55
         His mother, Dora Canter, age 50
         His sister, Evelyn Canter, age 27
         His brother, Owen Canter, age 22

Back row: Ronald Halpin - Charles Strode - Alfred Vokaty - William Gambrell - Shea Schachter - Joe Boros
Front Row: Roy Sanders - Howard Grull - WARREN CANTER - John Campbell

Mission to Schweinfurt, Germany, hit by single Me 190 which started bad fire in gas tanks.
Crashed near Keilberg, Germany

     The plane was approx 18 miles S of Aschaffenburg, 20 miles W of Schweinfurt.
     They were being attacked by more then 100 enemy aircrafts.

     A 20 mm shell exploded in Warren's right arm.
     Warren left his post in tail and his injuries, arm and chest, were administered to by the Radio Operator.
     He was given 2 shots of morphine and wrapped in the heated blanket.

     Warren got up and started walking to rear of plane to bail out.

     Its not clear whether or not he actually had a parachute at the time he bailed out.
     We were at Altitude and he was undoubtedly suffering from shock, also possible was dulled from
     effects of morphine.
     It is believed he bailed out but could not open his chute as his arm was giving him hell.

     Germans told one chute cought fire.

     Warren flew 18 missions.


Back row: Alfred Vokaty - Shea Schachter - Charles Strode - William Gambrell
Front Row: Ronald Halpin - Roy Sanders - John Campbell - WARREN CANTER - Howard Grull - Joe Boros

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