B-17G " Liberty Run "   42-31315    614th

19 Jun 1944   Mission # 93   Target: Bordeaux, France

                  19 Jun 1944 , 04:45 engines are on.
                  41 aircraft were airborne by 05:53 , mission #93 , target today is a airfield at Bordeaux.

                  The Group encountered heavy clouds up to 30,000 feet on this mission.
                  They were led to the correct course, enabling the Wing Bombardier, Capt. Fesmire, to score a "shack".
                  Several minutes of very accurate flak were experienced over the target, resulting in the loss of three 401st aircraft.
                  Liberty Run received a direct hit in the tail, killing the tail gunner, Sgt. L. T. Maiden.
                  Over Spain, the crew members bailed out and were ultimately able to return to Deenethorpe.

Missing Air Crew Report : 5999

1.    Organization : AAF Sta 128.                  

       Command : 8th Air Force.
       Group : 401st.
       Squadron : 614th.

2.    Place of depature : AAF Station 128.
       Course :South.
       Target :Bordeaux, France.
       Type of mission: Operational Bombing.

3.    Weather conditions when last sighted : 3/10 scattered clouds.

4.    Last know date : 19 jun 1944
       time : 09:25
       location : Near Bordeaux, France.

5.    Aircraft believed to have been lost as a result of : Enemy Anti-aircraft

6.    Aircraft type : B-17G
       serial no. : 42-31315

7.    Nickname of aircraft : Liberty Run

8.    Engines : R-1820-97.

10.  Persons listed below listed as : Battle Casualties.

11.  Persons on board : Crew : 10.

12.  List crew position , name , rank , serial no. and current status :
Pilot Garret A. Filemyr 2nd Lt. 0-807824 RTD
Copilot Herbert W. Claxton 2nd Lt 0-819965 RTD
Navigator Edward F. Robinson 2nd Lt 0-711480 RTD
Bombardier Rubin R. Monteil 2nd Lt 0-762587 RTD
Radio Operator James A. Parkes Sgt 16162068 RTD
Engr / Top Turret David W. Jehnzen Sgt 16086404 RTD
Ball Turret Gunner William H. Reynolds Sgt 19163033 RTD
Tail Gunner Lorenzo T. Maiden Sgt 35090426 KIA
Left Waist Gunner Malcolm J. Culver Sgt 19151318 RTD
Right Waist Gunner Thomas R. Meadows Sgt 18177968 RTD
13.  Person believed to have last knowledge of missing aircraft :

Alvah H. Chapman            Capt.          0-461727       614 th

-    Saw A/C approximately two (2) minutes before bombs away.
      Hit by flak at tail position, went into steep glide and lost sight of.

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