B-17G    42-107207    614th

30 May 1944   Mission # 79   Target: Oscherslaben

                  30 may 1944 , 06:55 engines are on.
                  18 aircraft were airborne by 07:42 , mission #79 , target today is the Focke Wolf Aircraft Assembly Plant.

                  The Group provided the Lead Box of the 94th Combat Wing. Lead Bombardier was Lt. Durward E. Fesmire.
                  Some flak was encountered but the principal opposition came from between 40 and 60 German fighters,
                  which attacked as the Group left the target area.
                  This resulted in the loss of two 401st aircraft and crews, those of Lt. Carleton L. Wilson (42-97440 "Flak Rat II"),
                  and Lt. Alpheus L. Kilmer (42-107207).

Missing Air Crew Report : 5304

1.    Organization : AAF Sta 128.                  

       Command : 8th Air Force.
       Group : 401st.
       Squadron : 614th.

2.    Place of depature : AAF Station 128.
       Course :West.
       Target : Oschersleben.
       Type of mission: Operational Bombing.

3.    Weather conditions when last sighted : Clear.

4.    Last know date : 30 May 1944
       time : 11:10
       location : Just West of Oschersleben.

5.    Aircraft believed to have been lost as a result of : Enemy aircraft

6.    Aircraft type : B-17G
       serial no. : 42-107207

7.    Nickname of aircraft : --

8.    Engines : R-1820-97.

10.  Persons listed below listed as : Battle Casualties.

11.  Persons on board : Crew : 10.

12.  List crew position , name , rank , serial no. and current status :
Pilot Alpheus Lional Kilmer 2nd Lt. 0-808558 POW
Copilot James McCord Hunter 2nd Lt 0-820023 POW
Navigator William Clegg Griggs Jr. 2nd Lt 0-707902 POW
Bombardier John Howard Wilson 2nd Lt 0-689569 POW
Radio Operator Robert Lee Brooks T/Sgt 34612249 KIA
Engr / Top Turret Delois Francis Deitsch T/Sgt 35537860 POW
Ball Turret Gunner Edward M. Gormley S/Sgt 12123219 KIA
Tail Gunner Angelo Anthony Mannisi Sgt 17161195 KIA
Left Waist Gunner Robert Gilbert Hicks S/Sgt 16149695 POW
Right Waist Gunner James Sal Alexander S/Sgt 33479227 POW
13.  Person believed to have last knowledge of missing aircraft :

George L. La Fevor            2nd Lt.          0-752001       614 th
Charles K. Fidler                S/Sgt.           13108273       614 th
Russell E. Bilyeu                 Sgt.              16122333       614 th

-    On this operation we were flying low Squadron and only the low Squadron was hit by enemy fighters.
      The plane was hit by single engine fighters about 11:10, just after target.
      The plane flipped over on its back and went into a flat spin.
      Six chutes were seen to come out before it crashed into the ground and exploded.

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